Fretta Questions

  1. How would I go about making a sandbox gamemode in Fretta? I ask because my idea is I want to use Fretta as a base so players can change gamemodes if they want to, but aren’t forced to do so every ten minutes.

  2. Is the command to change maps (in chat) “rtv”?

  1. You can’t make sandbox derive from fretta.

  2. Chat commands are silly, Fretta uses the F1 menu.

Yet in the SVN with the fretta base and everything else there’s a sandbox gamemode. So it is possible somehow? Or was that just for looks?

My question is, would it be possible to make a sandbox-type gamemode in Fretta at all?

Also, when I press F1 I get the help menu.

Sandbox is included so players can test beta features in sandbox.


And the vote to change button is on the help menu

I got Sandbox to (kind of) work in Fretta! Whoopee!

By help menu I mean the one with the flash videos and stuff on ragdoll posing and the likes. Nothing Fretta related. Which is actually rather annoying; how do I stop this?

Also, is there any way to make a gamemode not have a time limit?

Lastly, how exactly does Build to the Top work? I can’t seem to do anything.