fretta round end shit

Once the round ends it won’t fucking let me play, the player is stucked and I can’t move at all. HELP ME PLEASE It says “You died!” and the timer goes on!

help me

If you want any kind of help please provide lua errors, the code and what you are expecting from it.

There is no error just, when a round ends, it says “You’re dead!” and stays stucked. I’m using the Fretta Template by grasemonkey

Help me!

Show us some code then.

I just used that.

It would probably help if you edited something. A newer version of the fretta base/template is already out though i think

I didn’t edit anything.

See Garry’s Mod Wiki: Fretta

Specifically Garry’s Mod Wiki Tutorial: Fretta

Edit: I didn’t look at the Fretta Alpha, but the wiki tut is surely more up to date, and more complete, in that it explains what many of the variables/classes/functions are in the .lua files.

Hurr Durr, it’s a template mate. Why would you attempt to “play” a barebones template?