Fretta RP?

Is this possible?

I’m intending to make a simple RP-GM with:
money system
inventory system
profession system
faction system
And plenty of other things that I cant think of atm.

Based on a ‘reasonably large’ map with safezones and infected zones containing loot etc.

Would Fretta be a viable platform, or would Sandbox or a pre-existing GM be better?

Fretta and RP seem like complete opposites.

RP is about developing your persistent character and, Fretta is about doing something completely different every 10 minutes.

Why would you want to use Fretta as a base for a long-term gamemode like RP?

RP is long
Fretta is short
Long =/= Short

Like I asked ‘Is it possible?’ obviously not…

Was only asking for help, I Barely understand .lua and don’t really want to get into it as I have aspirations in life that lie away from a keyboard. This is just for fun, not work, and all I want is a simple GM that I could understand (like fretta) for me to build on over time and add in snippets here and there, not dedicate myself to a desk and sacrifice my lifestyle.

Wait what. So you want to make a RP Gamemode that lasts for a certain amount of time? Whats the point in that if it will just switch gamemodes eventually and scrap everything (Unless you save it).

Well, I was just wondering, I thought maybe I could use Fretta for its simplicity.
And also, rounds don’t have to be timed, im sure you can 0/1 that entry.

Wouldn’t work, ever.

It’s possible, but it completely defeats the purpose of fretta. The idea behind fretta is short round based gamemodes that can easily be switched between with voting. Roleplay can take hours, even days, which nobody wants to spend in a server where they could play a bunch of unique games all in a row in about an hour.