Fretta structure

Hey guys, I know Lua, I wanna learn some Fretta now. If anyone could post a Fretta structure like this:

But a fretta gamemode stucture with like all the functions you need with some commenting and all the folders and files, thanks ahead of time!

NVM! Grea$emonkey gave me one becuase hes awesome like that

There is a Fretta folder inside every non pirated Garry mod I think they don’t have it in the pirated version. I dunno, I paid for it…. Anyways, I am not on my PC that I always use so I cant get you the exact area of where the folder is, but I’ll describe it. You go into the folder right before you’re addons folder. There will be a folder called “gamemode(s)”. Click on it and there will be a folder called Fretta, copy it and paste it to you’re desktop. You now have a fretta base that contains the structure that I understand you are looking for.