Fretta SVN Repository


Due to the Facepunch SVN server shutting down and the fact that finding and installing each fretta gamemode is just a hassle, I (tas, owner of Nocturnal Gaming) have decided to start a new SVN repository for the fretta gamemodes.

The SVN link:
Username / Password : anon / anon
(This goes in your garrysmod folder)

Gamemodes list:

[li]910 (Nine Tenths)[/li][li]Ascension[/li][li]Assassination[/li][li]Asshole Physics[/li][li]Bomb tag[/li][li]Capture the flag[/li][li]Crash N Smash[/li][li]Dodge ball[/li][li]Fire fight[/li][li]FortwarsX[/li][li]Freeze tag[/li][li]Garry Theft Auto[/li][li]Jump jet[/li][li]King of the Hill[/li][li]Laser dance[/li][li]Laser Tag[/li][li]Melon racer[/li][li]Mini Tank Wars[/li][li]Plane crazy[/li][li]Poltergeist[/li][li]Sniper wars[/li][li]Stalker[/li][li]Terminal velocity[/li][li]Ultimate dodge ball[/li][li]Zombie onslaught[/li][/ul]

[li]locknload “Devenger”[/li][li]DogFightArcade “SneakyConman”[/li][li]claustrophobia “DEADBEEF”[/li][li]gmdm “TEAM GMDM”[/li][li]hideandseek “Nerdboy”[/li][li]mutant “mahalis”[/li][/ul]

[li]Garryware 2[/li][li]Suicide Barrels [/li][/ul]

Calling all fretta coders

Have you created a gamemode that you would like included in the repository? If so, please let me know if I can add them to the list.

*All files in the repository will still remain property of their respective owners, and can be removed upon request. The repository will reside on Nocturnal Gaming’s dedicated server, freely available to the public. *

Sounds like a really good idea. It would help with installation issues that seem to be a dime a dozen at the moment for my gamemode.

:smile: Go ahead.

Haha, It was pending because I e-mailed you. Thanks, I’ll add it. You know how I can get in touch with everyone else?

go ahead and add all of mine.

Thank you for the great addition! Please let me know if and which gamemodes you would like a username/password to if you plan on updating any files.

Forum PM’s should work pretty good on the forums. The game devs are all active posters or at least lurkers (me).

BTW: It looks like I didn’t get an email :frowning:

Try to get some more of the fretta contest gamemodes, like ascension and so on.

Thanks Fuzzy, I’ll look up some names here.

@Shadow: Working on it! :slight_smile:

ascension plzzz


If anyone is willing to help out, please contact some of the creators of the gamemodes not currently added and ask them to please post here.

I suggest you rename the “resorce” folder to “resource” in the SVN, either way good job! Going to try it out.

Do you want completely finished modes, or are nearly finished ones ok?
(Mine’s stable, playable, but a bit unbalanced and shit-looking. Mainly due to nobody wanting to beta test it)
I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it for the last couple of weekends.

You’re missing the maps to play the gamemodes, can’t vote because the maps don’t exist.

Well assholephysics didn’t work for me because it had no map.

If a gamemode hasn’t been completely finished yet, it can still be added to the repository. I can give you a username/password to your gamemode folder so you can update the files as you work on them. You will need a SVN browser, like tortoiseSVN.

@Shadow: You are right about AP, the repo is updated several times a day so be sure to checkout often. As for the map, it was just added.

I need beta testers for the repo. I need to know if maps, models, materials, etc are missing so they can be added, and for which gamemode. Thank you all for helping.

Edit: 5 More gamemodes have been added!

My gamemode is here
Everything should be there

Thank you! Contract Killers has been added to the repo.

If your gamemode is still being worked on, how would you suggest we update it on the SVN server?

r94: “Added fretta, some people don’t have it?”

Everyone has the fretta base with GMOD.
Only reason not to have it, is if said people are using a pirate version.

I’m not sure.
Maybe I could just tell you when I make updates and you could take them?
is it possible for me to update the repo?

Great so far, do you think you could ask about errr getting Zinger added? Or any other available fretta contest entries, they all look so good.

You are right, the fretta base should already be there, so I’m taking it out of the repo.

Just e-mail me when you are near an update, and I’ll give you an SVN account.

As for zinger, I will be working on the fretta contest modes today. If you want to help, have them post here granting their permission. That’s the fastest way I can add a gamemode.