Fretta ToolGun won't work?

I am working on a fretta gamemode, and one class that supposed to get the toolgun isn’t getting it. I noticed that in the sandbox gamemode there are some files that seem related to the toolgun. What exaclty do I have to do to get the toolgun working? (it’s not that the players aren’t being assigned it correctly. I gave them the physgun and stuff and it worked fine.)

gmod_tool is a sandbox only weapon, “sandbox\entities\weapons\gmod_tool” you may be able to copy it over to your gamemode. Dont really know though.

I copied the file over and it still didn’t work. :confused:

Well then you may not be able to get the toolgun in a non sandbox gamemode

Is there any way to script a basic one?

Why are two people arguing here about shizzle they don’t even know of?

The Tool Gun is a weapon that should work fine on any gamemode. The last time I checked it doesn’t have any sandbox-specific configuration.

Scripting a basic one? Well, you’d have to do a lot of scripting. There is lots of ways to do that but, can you really script? Or are you asking someone for copy paste code?

Are you spawning it the correct way?

Yes I am spawning it correctly and it still won’t work, I can moderately script or else this would be a request thread, and I just want to make something that will work with stools. I found GetStool() on the wiki, is there a SetStool() that isn’t on there?

“it still won’t work”

if you want help you need to tell us more than “it won’t work”

Players get the toolgun but there aren’t the usual words in the top left and they can’t change to different stools.

you would have to create your own toolgun menu and the top left words are possibly part of sandbox or aren’t being triggered, look in the clientside files of the toolgun

Well, this does indeed quite change the situation.
Please try being more specific, because on first read we’d think you can’t equip it at all/ is giving errors.
Other than that, I hope you fix it.

How would I make my own spawn menu? I know how to use the derma stuff, but how do I link it to the toolgun? I don’t see any SetMode() or SetStool() type of functions in the files.

My comp got a virus and was sent away for a while so I can’t test this, but can stools work as individual SWEPs?

Are you kidding me right now?
Looks like we have *three *people arguing here about shizzle they don’t even know of.

I just want some way to have players weld props and wire stuff. Apparently I can either make a new menu for the existing toolgun or script my own toolgun. Someone please answer one or both of the following regarding this: 1. How do I link the STools to a menu? OR 2. How do I make each STool work as independent SWeps?

gmod_tool is a part of the Sandbox gamemode. I’m most sure it relies on it to some extent, so you’d need to do an elaborate research on how to get it working in Fretta without fucking anything up. We won’t tell you how to because we DON’T FUCKING KNOW and we don’t have time to do this research for you. It isn’t something obvious or at all easy.

I guess you’d be better off coding your own toolgun. And no, we don’t know how to, because there are loads of approaches to that, and it’s solely up to you to choose one.

Coding isn’t all about coding, it’s also about doing research on what’s already there, and if you want something from one gamemode to appear in another gamemode, expect to spend hours, if not days researching and examining the code that you want to move. You can’t just ‘copy/paste’ it. Nobody else will do it for you since it’s likely that most of us haven’t done this.


That didn’t make any sense to me.

By linking STools to a menu I was asking if there was a way to make my own version of the sandbox menu where you click something and the mode of the toolgun switches.


Will start you :wink:

I must tell you it took me all of 30seconds to find.
Now i know there is no link, but some more quick google-fu shows: Can get you the code.
Will have no worrys now.

Good luck