Fretta Unassigned Teams?

Can someone help me? in my friends garrys mod fretta server everybody starts off in the “unassigned” team and has weapons like smg and stunstick. Also you cant press f1. He says he has the latest SVN of it so. Help?

I’ll go into it with a bit more detail… First of all… we have a choice of the 2 teams or spectator. WHATEVER ONE you pick, you go to unassigned team. In the unassigned team it’s practically a DEATHMATCH, take Sniperwars for example. You spawn with a SMG, a Pistol, Some grenades and a stunstick. No sniper, and the game never starts! your always in deathmatch, no matter what game your in, whether it’s freezetag or sniperwars, it gives you the same weapons and never starts. So now I have gone into with more detail, can someone please lend some friendly advice?

Any error in console?