Hey, im making a fretta gamemode, is there a source code for fretta? (want to edit it a bit…) If theres not, is there a way to override the default round system? That spawns each round and counts them?

Are you blind or just stupid…?

The fretta gamemode is located in your servers gamemodes folder, If your running a listen server. You’ll need to extract it from “garrysmod content.gcf”

Located in “%programfiles(x86)%/steam/steamapps”, If your not on 64bit, then its located in “%programfiles%/steam/steamapps”

And since im pretty sure your running a listen server and you dont know how to extract from gcf files, your gonna ask how to extract from a gcf.

So GCFScape

Don’t be an asshole, he was asking a question.

You can get the files from the GCF, but a much simpler way is to just browse Overv’s Luabin. Fretta is located in gamesmodes/fretta, of course.

  • sorry net? I guess you want to be treated the same way in a new game… anyway, thanks cowthing, also i don’t have fretta in my gamemodes folder, if i did have it (not in the GCF), i wouldnt be asking…

Implying people can see in to gcf files?

Anyways like CowThing said:

Just a tip. Overwrite only what you need too, don’t copy the entire fretta base.