FrettaTactics Map Competiton

Uberdoodad is having a contest to see who can make the best map for FrettaTactics.

What is fretta tactics?

FrettaTactics is a Teambased Arcade/Tactical Objective/Deathmatch gamemode. A remake of an old gamemode i made and played with my friends. Development has been going on for about a month.

Games will last between 10-30 minutes until one team gets 1000 points.
Kills are worth 1 point, Completing objectives gives your team 100 points.

Spawnpoints are automaticly generated, create a few starting spawnpoints, you can use any spawnpoint from any game.

Objectives are randomly placed automaticly.

I will post a more complete writeup in the appropriate forum when i am ready.
You can come try out whats made so far if you want.


Maps require the following:

  • Maps need to be as large as possbile with enough details to split the map up into many sections. Imagine 4 counterstrike maps smahsed together, it needs to be kinda big.
  • Tall skys for air vehicles (jetpack, helicopters and planes)
  • Some roads wide enough for vehicle traffic. (Motorcycles, ATVs, Trucks and tanks)
  • Maps can only use hl2, EP2 and css content (unless of course you create your own))
  • No POTENTIALY GAMEPLAY ALTERING secret areas or easter eggs. (Secret rooms, doors and elevators)
  • Must be willing to do open tests or youtube videos occasionally so people can see your progress.
  • Map doesnt need to be complete by the deadline.

Maps will be judged based on:

  • Map size and complexity.
  • Ease of navigation.
  • Beauty.
  • File size and FPS.
  • Completeness.


Winner gets an exclusive unlock, admin rights and will be uberdoodads member of the week.
All maps entered will be packed up with FrettaTactics.

If anyone is interested and wants to join or if you just want more details feel free to message me or anyone in uberdoodad.

I will post screenshots of peoples work as it comes in.
At the time of posting theres there are 5 people in the contest.

So you’re talking MW2 deathmatch. That kinda thing?

I really didnt want to talk about the gamemode too much here but i felt it was necessary. Please dont ban me, this is intended to be a map contest thread.

Awatetactics was in development before was even in development MW2. I played MW2 and took the perks idea from there. Its not intended to be a MW2 replacement or even be compaired to MW2. I liked perks, im sure others do too. So they are in my gamemode.

Also its not deathmatch, its objective based.
Theres 3 game states that the game cycles through.
State 1: No Objective
Players simply deathmatch for 30-60 seconds.

State 2: Objective Announced
A RANDOM objective is announced and a location is marked on the map for one or both teams (depending on the objective)
30 seconds after that it moves to the next state.

State 3: Objective Active
The objective is now available to be completed and whatever team is successful earns 100 points.
Now go back to no objective.

There are no rounds, breaks or pauses to upset the gameplay. it just smoothly goes from one state to another.

Come on, man. :colbert:

Well, there’s differences.

hrm, its similar but not the same.

You can’t make a decent map for a gamemode you can’t play unfortunately.

you can play it, the servers up if you read my OP.
I guess theres no reason to not keep this contest going here, if anyones interested that is.

I might try my hand at this.
Can it be a forest area?

one person is making a “sureal landscape”
another is making a airstrip in navada
another is making a dust city
another person is making “its a sekret :>”
and i have no idea what the last person is making

The beautiful thing about this gamemode is it can be played on any map. Its just i would like to have some bigger maps that are not as open as freespace but a bit more detailed then bigcity.

I recorded some gameplay last night, ill create a gamemode thread sometime soon, ill link to it from here.


I am “the other that is making an airstrip in Nevada”
My map is based on a run-down abandoned airstrip in the Nevada desert. Using the large hangars and scattered vehicles for cover, this map provides some exciting gameplay for snipers and large open areas for creating mass mayhem. I am still working on covering the blank areas of the map and awate is attempting to create an underground area to help mix up the combat a bit. Here is my progress so far.

I still need some more structures out towards the end of the airstrip so if anyone has any ideas as to what I can make please let me know, thanks.

Is the objective stated by the map?

No, the game will automaticly generate random objectives, throughout one game you may play through several objectives.

My server ate shit yesterday so i decided i would just rent a server.
Perminate IP for fretta tactics stable build: