Fricken Mingebags (image spam)

mad e2 hacks. war of the servers inspired.

Sorry for not using source recording for the nuking.

Dupe available here:

Thats Fricken Sweet!!
Nice E2

Wow, MingeBots making MingeContraptions. The sweetest part is that you can make them learn new contraptions. 10/10 for coolness.

sweet jesus

“mad e2 hacks” is a bit of an understatement I think.

Oh wow. They are back again.


Thanks guys. These took a lot of work :slight_smile:

Hahah this is epic. Nice job.

Very nice!

My God…

What have you created…

Nice as always, but instead of making all the stuff yourself, you could have just visited the front page of Would’ve saved you a lot of time.

lol. Brilliant idea Trekkie! I never thought of that.

The Bunker Buster was the best one, in my opinion.

Can we send you contraptions to add to it??

Thanks. That one is pretty much identical to the war of the servers one.

That would be great. I will even take a screenshot of it and add it to the image spam :slight_smile:

You can either send me the adv. dupe file or you can send me the mingebag contraption file. The mingebag learned contraptions are stored in
but it will be hard to figure out which contraption is yours. The file mingebag_contraptions.txt contains a list of the contraption filenames, with the last one in the list being the most recent contraption added.

I would really love to add more contraptions to him :slight_smile:


we must prepare ourselves

Any reason why you bumped this?

yes. yes there was, and a particularly simple reason at that.

because i wanted to comment on this

I laughed