Friday Devblog 13

sup garry, how’s it hanging…

wolf looks pretty good

IM SO EXITED! This looks so good Garry!

Big up to the team. great work!

It would be so so so so awsome if they added the gun :slight_smile: I bet a lot of people would start playing the expirimental branch then! But it is awsome, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

The caves look awesome! Thanks for the update.

First I want to congratulate Garry for all the efforts you and your team has been making! And if possible is to tell us if you already have an idea of the new threats continue to be implemented … the Red Animals or is it something else? Thanks :slight_smile:

One question garry i hope you can answer it do u get a netcode that will be like in first Person shooters(cs go cod) ? Because i get all time shot behind trees when i move arround them.

is anyone else having the server not showing up?
never mind, my internet was down :blush:

Fantastic work, lovely to see the caves move away from the realm of speculation.

I was wondering if the rust creators would consider having the fans that can model 3d non organic characters help out with the tools and weapons and such, so that the game can somewhat get finished faster thus less stress on the dev team , all you guys would have to do if you found good ones just mention them in the final product just a thought.

“We’re being quite slow getting ‘new’ things in game while we sort out the fundamentals. Hopefully once these fundamentals are sorted out we’ll have more time to add the new items and ai that the artists have been working on.”

forget anything new, just plz fix all the fundamentals first and foremost.


Would be cool if the game became more accessible in terms of system requirements.

I just wish the work could be done faster. Cannot wait to start playing again.

altho you can play with the item editor yourself here
This is the official rust item editor

login and make up your own items,

you never know have a good new idea and it might end up in game

Caves look SWEEEEEET.

DAT WOLF! GAAAAAAAAAH! :v: Sexy work! Keep it up!

So caves would procedurally generate into the game world?

Also, thank you for making the quit button work.

If caves are being implemented, not sure if this is in the works, but multiple entrances/exits to caves would be ideal.

Or have some with single entrances/exits while others are larger with multiple entrances/exists.

If there is only a single entrance, you have people that will camp outside (if raiding a cave dweller) or turtle in their base (if you’re the dweller).

Just a thought. I like the progression - Keep it up.

Thank you for all the updates!!! The game is getting better and better everyday!

Some things i would like to see after you are done moving and implementing everything to the experimental branch would be a crossbow. It seems like it would be a good weapon in the game and it seems to go with the theme too.

Keep up the good work Facepunch!