Friday Devblog 23

Friday Devblog 23

They switched over to Unity 5. And Goosey made awesome animations! :smiley:

And Unity 5 means it’s time to ride the fucktrain to performance town and run the show because this means removing the collider limit!

And lighting looks even better:[/t]


And animals are plentiful now! And tons of ore!

Parity with legacy is coming. We’ve just gotta be patient for a few more weeks (I guess? however long it takes!).

Whooa. I built that house!

Is that you standing on the deck? :v:

Thats where I last logged out, but I didnt place that furnace and wheres my doors gone :frowning:


nice house bro;)

Total Admin Abuse… I might sue for unclaimed royalties for use of my house :smiley:

garry make the metal ore stackable pls:)

It’s on garry’s work roster for monday