Friday Devblog 25 - News - Rust

I haven't got as much done as I wanted to but the other guys picked up the slack. Helk made his first commit this week, which tragically had to be reverted. I hope people can see how we're creeping towards baseline. It might not be as fast as everyone would like but we're definitely getting there. We're striving to make the game playable above all else right now, I'm trying to put 'new stuff' firmly on the backburner so we don't get into a feature leak situation. That said - we just got Speedtree for Unity.. so expect at least some new trees next week :)

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hello, the game is very good, let’s see if you have a lanbase of one of these projects, that is, a blog version 25 or 24 that you give me the project and modernize and try it myself and play with my brother and make my own games

Source proyect for download :pray: