Friday Devblog 26 Discussion - SpeedTree, Rocks, and Stats - Friday Devblog 26
Read the whole thing, it’s worth it![/t]





Meg please never stop being awesome

Also, happy birthday, Alex!

One of the best dev blog posts. Love it. Especially the speedtree LOD!
And I’m so happy that they started to work on the performance.
But I hope they won’t have to dump things down. I think they already did so sadly. The ground texture wasn’t pixelated some weeks ago.

I was hoping they would add a middle finger gesture,but im sure they’ll think of something better. Like a pelvic thrust, t-bag or a “suck on these nuts” gesture.

I’d love if there are a number of miscellaneous gestures that don’t necessarily correspond to anything in particular. Like bringing the arms across the chest in an X, fists clenched, and thumping the collar twice before relaxing. What does that mean? Let each server decide for themselves what it means to them and what they use it to represent.

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What if there was a simple UI for chaining basic animation components into sequences? You could use it to challenge people to provide the secret handshake (execute the right sequence of animations with the right order and timing, pretty much the definition of a secret handshake), or come up with complex gestures.

Making a workable UI for this that won’t disgust either the devs or the players might be a challenge and I don’t know how that would be best tackled, but it could be quite neat. Something for an update in the not-near future, of course.

The palm trees got really awesome, almost want to climb at it to get some coconuts. :v:

Gestures will def. make a huge impact on gameplay. This and being able to customize the way you look together will be much better than a ‘karma system’ (of which i’ve never been a fan anyway).

speedtree and animations looking good, and i’m really happy to see gestures being played with;)

Dont forget the dance gesture. May I suggest