Friday Will Be Fun (Spoiler: I die at the end)

While everyone goes oh and ah over the building changes, here is a little reminder from your friendly neighborhood running naked guy.

The animals are faster, and a bit more vicious. (and I am delicious. I rhymed, against your wishes. Now I must do the dishes. I am out, bitches)

Was one of the first things I noticed! Nice change in my opinion.

Haha, do they ever give up? If you sat on a rock for say 10 mins ? They should atleast lose interest after a set time.

That first spawn is gonna be bloody hard if you spawn in the woods lol


yeah, just spent about 5 mins hunting a pig that just kept weaving away from my spear. i really like this, makes it more involved to kill the buggers, and less like farming cloth from stationary chunks of meat.

Man, I died several times before gathering enough resources to test out the new building system. No, they do not give up, through rocks, trees, across an inlet. Remember when they could clip through anything? They can do that again, including walking on water. Only thing you can do is get a spear ASAP.

It seems to be moving towards making hard to survive, which I like. No more easy street from here on out.

have they fixed where bears just wander in your base ?

Finally a challenge!