Fridge with 5 skins.

So, here I made a fridge with 5 skins. Black, White, Blue, Green, Red.
All fridges except white use phong shading. They all have a illuminative LCD panel. Which will be glowing in darkness. You will have to use skin switcher in gmod or for your map you just pick skin in hammer editor. I take all credit for this , and by saying all I mean ALL! I didn’t take textures from internet since they are very simple.
You can use it in your maps or so.




Have fun.

I have never seen a green, blue, or red refrigerator in my life.

Wow your life sucks.

Ontopic: Do they have any animations like open or close?

The green, blue and red ones are really garish and too bright.

The black and white ones are cool. How about a metallic one with cubemap reflections that really stand out?


hmmm doesnt work for me just spawns an error ?

Yeah sorry, I reuploaded it. Now you can download it and it should work.

same link ?

Just press download in OP.
I reuploaded it and changed it.

I’ve seen a red one

I wonder if you can go inside it?

Cool. They’re nice.


I have.

And that is why this fails.:haw:

See, now you’re just being an ass.
It’s a prop, be happy you got that much.
You want doors openable?
Go bug someone else to make the inside and then take it to the LUA section and have 'em script, don’t troll this guy.

Wow thanks alot.I always want this type of frige long ago