friend adding/ friendly or dangerous indicators?

Firstly i’d like to bring up the friend adding system, this would be awesome because I would be able to keep in touch and should be able to tell when my friends are online, or offline. (Would have an indicator telling me)

Secondly it would be awesome if we could tag peoples names to indicate above their head maybe a green marker if I have marked them before as friendly, and a red marker if they are dangerous. Now Im not sure if you should be able to see the marker if you are really close, or relatively far. But having these things added into rust would make it even more awesome!

I would love to have a friend system, but the dangerous markers should only be put by the user.

Yeah thats exactly what I ment, private markers. (Maybe green indicator if they are on your friends list?) And maybe enemy list for dangerous people (Red markers)

Define ‘enemy’. If people who are not on your friendslist are automatically marked with a red marker, the KOS will be an even bigger issue. Just because people are not on your friendslist does not mean they are an enemy. There are lots of nice people.

I did mention you have to “mark” the enemy

Maybe even a “maybe” type mark saying that they are suspicious

No thanks, this is not WarZ…

a small marker on the player would be gread instead of jump checking all the time

You do know there is voice chat…

voice chat require you to speak every time you see someone, if you are in a team of 3+ it gets really annoying, especially when everyone is dressed the same

when I look at a friend, im not supposed to skpeak to identify him (except at night) im suposed to recognize him