Friend banned on amsterdam 3 server by "anticheat" while reconnect

So situation is like in title. He was in wounded stage at house (due to cold), disconnected and reconnected to Amsterdam 3 server, and was suddenly banned by anticheat. Only on this server, its not eac/vac ban, he still able to connect to any other servers. Here is even screenshots:

Steam profile:

What he should do now? Where to write? He never used any cheats in his life and reason why i’m writing (and not him) here because he don’t know english at all.

looks like one of the oxide anticheat plugins kickbanned him. no idea the specifics that trigger it since i don’t really play modded servers, but functionally it means that you need to talk to the admin of the server. odds are he won’t get unbanned if he triggered an autoban, but nobody here can help you get him unbanned.

just to be sure, what error message does he get when he tries to connect to that particular server?

Its official server, not modded. Thats why i’m writing here. Also he are just getting “you are banned from this server” or so while connect.

This is clearly an issue related to a new update. I had the same thing happen to me on only Rustafied. Apparently it’s showing up as an EAC ban but I can connect to any other Rust server without issue. It’s extremely frustrating to say the least…

am i missing something with those screenshots then?

you said that it’s only affecting this server (suggesting it’s a local ban, not VAC or EAC) and there is an automated message in the first screenshot that looks reminiscent of the oxide ban messages.

the only other thing i could think of is a server ban initiated by either a dev (though i was under the impression they come up as EAC bans) or an admin (rare on official servers).

If you are banned by Easy AntiCheat - then go here and email EAC:

No player on the forums can help, and FP staff will not answer on the forums either. Talk to EAC.

If this is a new bug with EAC, then please email EAC to tell them so they can fix it.

If you don’t read few latest devblogs, they you probably missed that developers created some server-side anticheat, and it seems like this is this case. And i’m waiting for answers from moderators/admins or developers, not just from some forum person.

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Its not EAC ban! Like i said he able to connect any other servers (with VAC/EAC protection enabled).

please stop writing if you don’t read first message correct.

We don’t know if EAC software banned him. This might be a new bug with EAC. But I agree it could be the new anticheat code FP added.

Something seemed to change, given all the reports of this happening, and it could be EAC doing it - even though it does not ban you from all servers. It does not look like FP staff manually banned these players - their ban would be on every server also.

Maybe FP will read this and check if it is their code bug.

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I think there is a chance no one from Facepunch will answer you here because they don’t post often. Maybe they will. If it were me I would contact EAC so you can get a quick answer on their end, and they can contact FP about it.

The anti cheat facepunch added only stopped no clip from working, or so i thought.

as i read it, they made server side checks to prevent no-clip etc; they didn’t implement new ban systems, they closed a loophole that would allow people to exploit the game.

anyway, cinder is right. personally i am just hypothesizing based on the info you have given, but i wouldn’t know for sure what happened. if it was an EAC ban, it would be pretty obvious, so that likely leaves a dev/admin ban.

This just happened to me. I got kicked, then was having trouble reconnecting while steam servers went down, now server says I am banned.

My wife just got banned on connect. Based on multiple forum post I’m guessing there’s gonna be an oppsie post. This is not what I want to deal with at 11 in the evening on a friday night.

On all servers? Or only on that specific one?

When it’s on all server, you are definitely a cheater/hacker/exploiter, since EAC is
flawless, at least that’s what all people in this forum are yelling in every BAN thread. Kappa

So while I was looking on forums for possible reasons/solutions for her showing as EAC banned she relaunched steam and it popped up a update for security email addy. Then she got in fine. Don’t know but I want my last wasted five minutes back.

Nope, just on the one server. I think it got a false positive due to the steam server issue, and added me to the banlist. I can log on to other servers fine.

well the whole point of EAC is to detect cheat signatures, so yeah unless there is a legit program that hooks the same as a hack, it’s unlikely to be a false ban if triggered. and when it is, it’s because of the human element, typically represented by mass bans at the same time.

i do think that if this is so wide spread it may have something to do with the server side checks, but no idea how.

Yea, maybe you jumped or so in the second when there was an disconnect / server issue or what ever and it kicked you for flying or so, at least that happened often in Minecraft :smiley:

Maybe its something different, I really don’t know.

When it is an official server u need to contact a FP member, they are the admins there as far as I know.

I had pretty much the identical issue to Stryfe, steam went down due to “maintenance” and it said my friends list would come back online soon, I then disconnected from the game server, tried to reconnect to the server about 2-3 times, and then it just said “Disconnected you are banned from this server” Ive only ever played rust as a farming game, focusing on economy, so unless they have some issue with my rate of smelting i haven’t the faintest idea why I got banned, and am positive this was an error within the EAC client.

I guess u are also only banned on that server, or on all servers? Could u also say us if it was an official server or a community/modded server on that it happened?

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Same reason why VAC is flawless

Just contact EAC and they will give you your 5 minutes back.

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Unless it is EAC and then FP can’t do anything.

So, who is going to contact Garry via twitter, or or reddit and tell him there is a problem that bans players mistakenly now?