Friend Builds Fort While I Fail At Posing

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I never pose, that’s why it sucks. Criticism, please. (don’t tell me that it sucks, tell me how much it sucks).

Alternate title: Friend Builds Fort While I Avoid Doing Anything Constructive

Also, before you tell me I shouldn’t use flatgrass for posing, yes, I know, we were building in flatgrass when I spontaneously decided to pose a ragdoll (in order to avoid helping him).

Heh, that’s actually good, your friend will turn around and be like, wtf -BLAM- shot dead “Artistic’d”

You actually didn’t do too terribly of a job with your posing. It’s much better than most beginners. If you just applied it into a fitting situation then you could become rather respected. Just a couple tips: try to shy away from default weapon models (Apart from L4D Valve’s weapon models look like ass) and it’s a little strange how he is holding onto the top of the SMG when there’s a perfectly good handgrip.

I made him hold onto the top because I couldn’t get his arm to reach the grip and couldn’t be assed to move the body.

Not much to criticize really. What sucked slightly less than the other two pic was the last one. It got boots in them.

Damn it I tried:) Well it’s standard flat grass. It sucks by default.

I lol’ed so bad at the title but you didnt failed mate, you just need to practise your posing, and dont use flatgrass :stuck_out_tongue:

No shit.

Yes, we (well, he) were (was) building a fort on flatgrass when I decided to pose a soldier for no reason.

Then I accidentally remover tool’d the front door.

Then we built tanks and had an epic tank battle.

These things can happen when free time and GMod servers are available:)
A friend replaced the head crab with the cat model. This caused some confusion. The spawn list in question flooded the game with cats. It took impressively many of them before the game gave up and crashed.

This shouldn’t be fun, but it was.

First thing I noticed weird was on pic 1 the left hand of the soldier. But it looks pretty cool. Tell glent to change his model though.