Friend can connect but I cant.

Everything began after I got timed out from the server yesterday around 11:45 (its been a day now) and then I got disconnected from the teamspeak and now neither are showing up and when I try to join teamspeak it says:
<11:49:16> Trying to resolve hostname *******
<11:49:20> Trying to connect to server on *******
<11:49:25> Failed to connect to server
but my friend said he can join both server and teamspeak without trouble…

I’ve been looking around for 2 1/2 hours now trying to find a solution and ive restarted internet, computer, reinstalled rust, turned off and on firewall, and visited many forums and asked my friend if he had any advice and I still cannot find why I cant join… Does anyone have any advice to help me??? Its kinda pissing me off because me and my friend have been planing to play this weekend after we got a base set down on a weekday and now I all of a sudden cant play.

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It just doesnt show the server for me

Are you having trouble trying to join the Rust server, TS server, or both?

The server list is limited to showing 200 entries right now. Look in your history.

Also, try this: Open the client, and then just leave it on the server list for 10 whole minutes. Go make yourself a sandwich or something. Then try and get on.

The reason I suggest this is that it’s possible that the server list updating itself could be clogging your bandwidth, resulting in network problems. This is a situation created by Rust in conjunction with certain configurations of home networking (including the ISP’s stuff between your house and the Internet backbone).

I have trouble with both, history doesnt show it either, and i left it for over 15 min and it never showed up… Weird thing is that my friend can join teamspeak without problem and also the server easily… Thank you so much for responding I posted on the servers forums and none of the admins have responded and its been two days and like over 10 people are also having same issue

What happens if you connect directly by IP?

Also, I want you to do something very very specific. Please tell me how your home network is set up. Is your modem a separate box from the router, or are they combined? Do you connect on a wired or wireless connection to the modem/router?

You also say it’s been happening for two days now, but in your thread OP you state it happened just over 24 hours ago. Clarify?

Ive restarted and left it again for 5 min now and it has stopped updating in all categories after getting to 2729 servers and and 20467 players on modded

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client.connect (ip) doesnt work and it tries to connect me to facepunch amsterdam even though that isnt the server i put in. Modem is separate from router and there is a wired connection.

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It first began to a friend of mine and a few other people on the server two days ago and it happened to me a little over a day ago

Are you putting in the port number with the IP? Otherwise you’ll be connecting to the default port of 27015 and loading whatever server is listening on that port.

I want you to do the following IN EXACT ORDER:

  1. Unplug the POWER cables to your modem and router. Shut down your computer.
  2. Wait 30 seconds and plug in THE MODEM ONLY
  3. Wait 5 minutes or until the modem’s lights go to the standard set for the modem being online and ready
  4. Plug in the router. Also turn your PC back on at the same time.
  5. Try TS first after Windows comes back up and can see the Internet.

Then try Rust, but first give the server list enough time to finish updating, just as you did a few minutes ago.

And thank you for your cooperation.

will do brb

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Did this in perfect order, teamspeak doesn’t work and im waiting to let the rust servers load

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Thank you for helping me btw

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Is there anything else I can do to try to fix this?

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Oh and yes I am using port number

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[editline]6th March 2016[/editline] thats what it says when i do client.connect

  • Disable your firewall
  • Turn off any anti-virus program you have
  • Do this: (Do as it says word by word)
    -Verify game files For rust
  • Close EVERY Program that is not connected to the system/windows.
    After that, run steam Go to in-game settings And change max ping to: 3000 (Down to the left)

hope it helps ya.

will try thanks

If you can’t get to TS the issue is somewhere with your machine or net connection, not Rust.

In addition to Mannix’s instructions, I’d like to ask you to provide your system specs, just in case they matter. CPU, RAM, video card.

Also check if there is an updated driver for your Ethernet device.

Specs: I7 4790k, msi gtx 970, corsair vengeance 32 gigs 1600mhz

Okay, machine specs seem fine. I’d try running a virus scan, if Mannix’s steps don’t help. I suggest MalwareBytes’ free version.