Friend cannot join my listen server.

Ports are all correct, and it even says my friend is connecting though the console, but he gets stuck on retrieving server info.
He gets this message: Netchannel: unknown net message (39) from ###.###.##.###:27015. (My IP)
Can anybody help me?
I ported 27005 and 27015.
These are my listen server settings:

Can anybody help?

You need to port forward a range from 27000 to 27030

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Ask him to keep trying joining.
Try disabling some of your addons.
Try disabling some of his addons.

Okay, so the ports are ok?
If so, I will try disabling some of my addons.

Joining from listening servers can be weird.
As robot says. Keep trying.

Also make sure you’ve forwarded the same port range 27000-27030 in windows firewall as well.
You need to go to the advanced setting for this part.
Do it for both inbound and outbound and then it may start working.

Also make sure you’re giving the right IP, the external IP not your internal ip (ex, most of the time are internals)

Okay guys, I decided to redo my ports. Does this look okay?

(I edited out my IP and some other stuff, so that might be why it looks a little weird.)

Edit: Why so many funny rates? Where did I cock up?

So, can nobody say where I went wrong?


Hi. What you can do is just use Hamachi with your friends. Port forwarding can cause damage to your router by IP address. Hamachi is a program that creates its own IP address so you and your friends can play without the server being public.

Hamatchi is fucking stupid. I don’t want the rest of my ports broken that work already. I’m pretty certain that garry just broke listen servers, as it even says in console that my friend is joining, but it doesn’t work for him and puts a error message (that I put in the orginal post)