Friend can't login to his account

Hes trying to login on the login page of rust

and for some reason its not working, like nothing comes up like invalid password or anything, what could be causing this error? hes tried on 2-3 different computers and none of them are logging in. and hes 99% sure his login information is correct

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anyone who can give us information on hwo to fix this, besides the obvious delete cache and etc

well sorry but that 1% is whats happening

better luck with your next key!

Wrong email/password.

is their anyway to get your login information changed? and the thing is though, he was playing the account before this;

Nope, no way of changing the info right now.

could he possibly get an admin or somthing to change it, or are they not doing that for ppl.


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Also Facepunch doesn’t like people who drop vowels from words!

You can type English properly thanks in advance!

Your a very helpful person, :suicide: