Friend Crashes when in a server for about 10 minutes (MDMP file included)

Hello there, and thankyou in advance for checking out this thread!
I’m doing this for my friend, so this is not for me. All info I can give is what is included in the mdmp file.

My friend crashes a lot, and he’s kind of getting annoyed by it.
I would love to help him, because it would be better for both of us.
my friend (and I) have checked out the MDMP file, but we have NO IDEA on how to figure out what’s causing him to crash. We are playing on a stranded server that was coded from scratch.
Here is the link for MDMP file.

Thankyou once again for the effort of even clicking on this threads link :eng101:

We have managed to finally find a fix, with sources being the forum of the server we play on, and the official Steam Forums
After he told me he had missing textures if he was in water,even though he had CSS, I remember I saw a post like that.

The fix is very simple: Changing the dxlevel. He instantly knew what was going on. He had set his dxlevel to 85 a few months before that, so his FPS would get better, but it made him crash on very customized servers a lot)
This can either be done throught the console ingame, or the developer options from steams client
using the developers option will not necessarily force you into the given dxlevel,

as said so by a valve employee a few years back (quote: “-dxlevel 110” will most likely just put you in the highest DX level your computer can support, which may or may not be what you want." -ido (

He had put -dxlevel 85 in the developer options, which is BAD, it will cause crashes, missing textures
What you want it to be: go ingame and type mat_dxlevel 110. DO NOT type -dxlevel 110 in the steams developer options, as this will most likely not force you in the correct version".
If you really want you could even put this setting in your autoconfig (if you have one, that is).
WHY? Verbatim quote: “dx11 is highly optimized compared to previous versions and it looks leaps and bounds better” -freezingcathedral (

Setting -dxlevel to anything above 95 should not give you any performance boost.

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