Friend-Enemy System

And so I have some thoughts. The game needs a system of early identification. For example, if I sit at home and do their important things, and then open the door and see the guy who lives next door, but the problem is to find out who it is I need to get closer to read the nickname. This is bad. If it Rader, then I venture to receive a portion of lead. Or for example, I collect resources and see far away dude. And who is this? Friend, my enemy or just a passer? Problem playing on pvp server that if you want to survive then you should definitely to shoot first, no matter who is in front of you, otherwise a huge risk of being killed. For me the actual problem is the first shot. I want to play on the pvp server, but do not want to shoot first if I don `t know who is in front of me.

garry has said along time ago that no system like this will ever be implermented

Yeah, the only thing I want to see is some way to die/wear unique clothes. A few friends and myself agree a more realistic ID system is kind of nice over just floating names everywhere, but that there isn’t enough variance to easily identify each other via visual contact.

Also I think a way to identify a user when checking out their pack (after you’ve killed them, being able to ID a body) would be nice.

Perhaps it would be great if we could see the player’s nickname a little earlier than to come very very close. Also there is an option that we can not see nick if we look at the player from behind. But if you were able to see from afar his face-nick-id At least then you’ll know whether to grab a shotgun or start a conversation.

Since the Oxide Mod you see who you shot. There is a Global Message. Hopefully Garry Implent something similiar to official Servers. Oxide make things better. Friendlist,doorsharing you can see who shoot who and a list whos online etc.

But in RL you know how your Friends look like so you recognize them. But in Rust its Garrys Clone Army^^

I wanna see Customization for example Blue Backpacks or something like this. But I trust Garry and his Team, he will do a great Game :smiley:

The game is meant to be a mental game, not physical. You decide your fate. Just like life, you choose who you trust, and what levels of trust to give. It is what makes this game unique in that factor that at anytime that person you have been building with for a month finally realizes you aren’t fulfilling your dues to eat and sleep within the same facility.

I understand that there are many players who do not care who is in front of them, they are ready to shoot everybody. But IMHO Rust something more than dumb shooter. And this game need adequate adult PvP. The player must be able to know, to whom kick ass and with whom to start a friendly chat. The possible need to add optical devices to see who are there.

Yeah but the problem is if Garry is going to bash people with this realism that he doesn’t want to add this, then he needs to add faction clothing or character customization, because if you wanna do realism then you have to realize that in real life everybody doesn’t look the same.

In any case, I think we need more than we have now. I can identify my friends on greater distances than can my character in the game. Seriously, it would be very strange if you for to identify your buddy, to approach him at a distance of one meter and a few seconds to look into his face.

You guys either missed the OPs point entirely, or skipped reading it in favor of responding to the title. All he wants is to be able to identify people from a further distance, which is actually quite reasonable. The fact that right now everyone looks exactly the same is unrealistic. Having names render from a further distance is an acceptable request until the time comes that we can customize our appearances. It’s not only acceptable, but such an easy thing to change that there shouldn’t be any reason not to do it.

Having names render further away gives away other people’s position, which could effectively gimp PvP. So I’m going to have to say no to that.

Want to be friends with someone? Communicate off-server, use Teamspeak, Mumble, what-have-you and always ask where your friends are. See anyone you’re not communicating with? Shoot them down.

Being able to dye each part of your outfit to a huge array of colors would be fine, and colors can only be done at a workbench to prevent combat outfit changes