Friend got banned, anything that can be done?

Hey guys,

My friend got banned on Facepunch NY 1 Hapis for spamming five times in chat.

He was chanting “DONT CELEBRATE STARWARS DAY IF YOU DID NOT FIGHT IN THE STAR WAR”, he said it 4 times, waiting about ten seconds before saying it again. This is what the ban message is:

I am wondering if he can get unbanned for this. Sorry for the image being small, I was not the one to take it, a friend of mine was.
It sorta sucks that he wasn’t just kicked or temp banned, and we even had a big base too. Can anyone help? Thanks

Funny you are the one defending him.
Tell em not to act like a kid

Umm well he was just really upset and I’m trying to help him out, I don’t see what’s so funny about that. I can’t really control his actions, and I’m looking for anything that might help, not things like that.

Atleast he learned that it is not a good idea to spam dumb stuff in the chat, I hope.

I guess

in the end, your “friend” has to live with their behaviour. if they want an unban, they can come and fight for themself.

Alright, I’ll refer him to these forums so he can fight this himself. Thanks for the suggestion

I notice you’re not mentioning he did it after another player was banned for doing the same thing, and that he also threw a racist term in there for good measure.