Friend has an unknown model replacing the TF2 Deus Ex sniper rifle

What it’s supposed to be:

What he sees it as instead:

He recently reformatted his computer and he hasn’t gone to any other servers besides his usual ones since, so he has absolutely no idea where he picked this up. He’s checked his addons and can’t find anything that could be doing this.

If we can identify what’s overriding it, we can probably fix it and revert it back to normal without having to make him reinstall his entire game.

So yeah, if anyone knows what’s doing this, I’d like to know.

Thanks in advance.

clear the folders steam/steamapps/common/team fortress 2/tf/custom and steam/steamapps/common/team fortress 2/tf/models, and see if that works.

He hasn’t played TF2 on anywhere but his own server ever since he reformatted, and I’m pretty sure he’d know if he had any reskins on his server. (if crap like that even works that way; I don’t know)

Might I mention that he never saw this until after his reformat?

It doesn’t matter, tell him to clear his models folder in GMod and TF2 ( custom folder is not mounted afaik ), and tell him to make sure no addons override this model.

If he is subscribed to any Workshop addons in GMod they can overwrite the model. Make sure he disables any Workshop addons he is subscribed to and restarts GMod after doing so.

He doesn’t have a models folder for either game.
I don’t know how that happened, but either way, if you don’t believe me:



He says “I’ve looked through all my workshop addons and only found a few things that could be the culprit, but none of it had any models even vaguely similar to the one I’m seeing”

So in other words he’s dug through every addon, model pack, whatever to try and find it but he hasn’t found anything in them that even looks remotely close to this… thing.

Also it seems the hitbox for it is extremely far off, he can only grab it if he physguns the air 2 feet out in front of it.

This is all ridiculously strange.

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He doesn’t quite have the time these days to disable all his addons and re-enable them one by one.

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Oh, he’s also just told me that he’s already disabled all of them a while ago and only enabled a small few, most of which I also have and I don’t see what he’s seeing.

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Update! We found out what game it came from, at least.

But the strange thing is he doesn’t have any Halo addons. At all. Anywhere.

So now we know where the model itself came from, but we still don’t know what’s overriding it.

I took the liberty of browsing through TF2, L4D2, (just in case something was overriding it from L4D2 somehow) and Gmod’s workshop for anything Halo related that had this weapon in it and this was the only result, for Gmod even:

Which he does not have installed.
Still lost.

On top of that, the texture his specific model has seems to differ from the texture the model has in that addon, and every existing picture of said weapon I can find.
It also has the text on it “M45A771B Misriah Armory”

Delete the download and downloads folders from GMod and any mounted game ( including mount.cfg ), just in case he ever joined a server that might have forced him to download it.

That’s the first thing he checked. It was just about empty.

This is still strange because he only plays on all the servers that I do, and he is the only person out of a group of friends who also play on all the same servers that has this.