Friend has explosion issues

OK, so all I know about his specs is that he has 512 mb of RAM and onboard Intel graphics with the latest drivers. The PC is an HP from 2004.

Anyways, I got him GMod as an early xmas present a week ago along with HL2DM to mount. When he shot something/saw blood/saw explosions/etc with muzzle flash I believe, he crashed to desktop, no error message. I read somewhere in an old thread that it’s because of only HL2DM. Taking advantage of the $5 sale on CS:S, I bought it for him. His muzzle flash and blood and such issues are now gone, all except his explosions. If anything explodes, it’s an instant crash. I don’t want to have to buy him yet another game unless it’s absolutely necessary.

He has no addons.

We tried reinstalling HL2DM prior to CS:S, didn’t work.

Anyone have any ideas? He’s tried prior to CS:S with -dxlevel 81 and 80. His performance, outside of these crashes, is fine.

I had this problem, are you sure his graphics drivers are up-to-date? As i found that to be the problem, Also get more RAM for his computer.

It could be the specs there not that good for a very phyiscs heavy game. And the face its from 2004 I think thats your problem :frowning:

Yeah, it just feels like the performance would be fine considering he has solid performance elsewise.

I’ll check and let you know if his drivers are fine, Dannyboy. Thanks.