Friend ID System

More than likely this has already been suggested, but can we get a way to ID friends from a distance? I cant tell you how many times I’ve been in Skype, and had to ask my buddies to jump to prove its them, because the name plates only popup within 10 feet or so. We could get a command like Player/John Doe/Favorite, and the other player accepted it like a friend request. Then a star or something would appear over them up to a certain distance. Also, whenever this person is added to your favorites, they would have the ability to open doors that you have placed. It gets really old having to run like a servant and open doors for teammates.

I agree about adding a friend/group/favorite system but I don’t want them to be able to open my doors. Seriously how well do you know everyone in a clan? Ok… I’m slightly(extremely) paranoid in general so I’m even leery of sharing a building with my own real life roommate lol. But seriously, no opening my doors or I keel you!

I’d like an option to tag people to specific doors. Or add a lock picking system and keys (where you could make copies for friends).

I have a lock pick… it is shaped like a hatchet and I hold it like a shotgun.

I really am sad they fixed the hatchet holding lol

I think you should be able to set privileges, such as John Doe is favorited, but cannot open my doors. While Jane Doe is favorited, and can open my doors. ETC