Friend Ideas

I have a few ideas for the admins to know. :smiley:

  1. Friend Option in the toolbar. Alot of players would enjoy to have a Friend List (or a different name) So you can add your friends so you can open the same doors and avoid friendly fire, and easier to find each other, currently the way to find your friend is ridicules. My friend bought the game and we spend about 2 hours finding each-other. after that we made a house and we got raped. and murdered. (but dont make it easy)

  2. a player stats tracker, I want to be able to track my kills, and deaths, and all that awesome stuff. but on is down or something, I cant review my account details. Maybe on the playrust home page you can search for players in the URL. There are ideas, (they are provably bad enough to get me banned)

but i have faith!
You’re fan,

GarryIsEpic (he is)

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of permabanned users" - postal))

I seriously think only people with rust can only post in this sub-forum.

What a genius idea, stop literally anyone who doesn’t already have the game from being part of teh discussion, way to rope in possible new customers.

I seriously think YOU should not be allowed to post in this sub-forum.