Friend Invite-V (The V is for Velkon)

This addon is directly Based off of a scriptfodder script.
Download link
It allows your server’s players to refer each-other and their friends for rewards!

(Custom derma by Mikey Howell)

This addon does this stuff:
Free support!
Custom derma!
A cool config file!
Allows your players to refer each-other!
Maybe will increase your playerbase!
Open source!
Steam API Integration: Shared games, and minimum gmod playtime!

Put the addon in your addons folder
Edit the steam api key if you want to use steam api stuff
Edit other config
Restart server

You can edit the function finv.reward (In the config) to edit the rewards the players get.
ply:addMoney is for adding darkrp money
or you can use RunConsoleCommand for running console commands (Like adding users to ulx groups)
or any other function! Like pointshop points.

Download link

me being butthurt

I can change the description if that will help you, I am just bad with ideas!

Your addon is a 20 minutes work for 4$.
Considering that the work he has put into the description is much greater than the addon it self, you can see why he is getting annoyed…

Nice work, Velkon. I still think a nice redo on the derma portion of both would be nice, however the script is well done anyways.

I harrased him with custom derma already

is it ugly!!?!?!?!!?!?

me being butthurt again

Except you’ve made 30$ :v:

You still overcharge either way

me being super butthurt

Im not a hater, just saying that a script like that would take around 20-30 minutes of work for someone who knows what he is doing, and as someone who is offering tutoring services i would guess that you should know what your doing…

What the hell is wrong with you?

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This isn’t facebook, your “haters” are far from haters, they’ll forget about you in… no, they already forgot about you.

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Is 100$ success nowadays?

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Is there any intention to add a MySQL version such that this works across multiple servers? I’m trying to make the modification myself, but I have no illusions about being good at MySQL, especially the object oriented version, and I’d much rather trust somebody else’s code as being correct in that regard.

I might do a quick rewrite for MySQL, and redo the UI if I have sometime.

While it may be quite annoying to the creator, as long as no code as has been stolen, then there’s nothing against you remaking ScriptFodder addons and posting them here - it’s just the way things go and getting overly mad about it just makes you look bad

Although, please can you re-write your description, OP? Directly copypasting is pretty obnoxious

breaking news: shitty 5 minute addons posted on sf get remade and released for free. developers outraged.

always funny when people get butthurt when their lack of effort bites them in the ass.


how asshurt can you be lmao

Lol, people get too mad when they make very simple scripts and get copied.

If Olivia’s scripts are so simple why don’t they get copied and released for free :v:

If you do, make a PR. I really cba to make sql atm

Alright, I’m not home right now so it might take a bit but I’ll try sometime this week and make a PR.

Every single fucking Garry’s Mod Coder overvalues their code.