Friend made a mistake (Help)

I just convinced my friend to buy Garrys Mod. After getting it he tried to play some servers and got error messages everywhere and purple checker textures. We tried uninstalling etc, and we realized he didn’t have HL2 or CSS installed. He has 2 Steam accounts, one with HL2 and all those games and one with all HL1 games. He downloaded Garrys Mod to the HL1 account.

Is there anything he can do to get the textures and models working. What if he signed into his other account and installed Half Life 2 and CSS? Would that work?

Just to clarify, he has TF2 on his account, which he just told me says fits the requirements, so what is the problem with it?

I don’t recall you being able to buy gmod to an account that doesn’t have a source engine game on it. I once got it gifted, but I couldn’t activate it back then because I didn’t own any source games.

Okay well that narrows it down, because he just tried singleplayer and it worked fine, perfectly, its just multiplayer, we were trying to play TTT, so how would we fix that? If it was a game mode problem?

The thing is it clearly sais that you need a source game on the said account for gmod to work.

buy a source game

You need css for ttt.

Pretty sure TF2 is a source game

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Ah right I see, if he installed CSS from his other account, can he put it in his other accounts folder to fix it?

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reinstall gmod

He already tried it, I even tried putting my Gmod on a HDD but no use. Something to do with TTT I think

TF2 works, but you’ll still need content from other games in order for the errors to disappear.

Episode 2

are most common

Long story short your missing data that you need from source games, that why you might be seeing pink and errors.

Ask him to buy one of theses

Half Life 2, Half Life 2 episode 2, Counter strike Source, Team Fortress Two. These are the main games most textures used come from.

But Mainly you would need what Deggie stated

Counter Strike Source
Half Life episode two

If he has CSS on his other account can he use the textures and models from that in any way with Garrys Mod? He heard GCF scape might be able to do it?

not entirely sure, but probably. dunno if it’s illegal.

is that Spencer Sotelo or what in your avatar?

You need to have all the games on the same account in order to use them Garry’s Mod. Otherwise it’s considered warez (which is obviously a bad thing).

Just to point out, HL1 became supportable, making garry’s mod able to run, but I could be wrong.

HL1 doesn’t utilize Source engine. if it does it’s most likely outdated

You can use GCF scape to move the files, it’s warez, and if somehow someone got wind of it, you’d get in trouble.

Is it warez if he owns the game though? It is on his PC, but on a different account, and he just wants to play TTT.
And to answer above, its Charlie Day from Its Always Sunny In Philidelphia

You shouldn’t be asking me because I have no idea.

Haha alright anybody else know?

It is still technically warez