Friend recognizing system?

So, even if i have some connection issues (Which i’m talking in another thread), i still play this lovely game, and i was wandering, how about making a system that makes you recognize who is your friend and who is not?

There was some idea i was thinking about, like a more long-ranged nickname visible only by who’s friend with this guy (which must put in his “friend list” by interacting with him at close-range), in a blue colored text maybe, or something less technical, more realistic, like making emblems, letters, signs or dyes that can be put on shirts and so you know that he is your friend if he has that set of colours, that particular letter/number/emblem on the front/back of the shirt.

In less words, something that doesn’t make me kill my friend at 5m because i don’t see his nickname. Since that’s a bit frustrating, and sincerely i don’t like HUD-based features, i would really like to see some clothes customization, not too complicated, but enough easy to recognize a friend from a foe. I was thinking maybe that you could create your own emblems, maybe with a virtual brush in-game, or by loading from local files little images.

Because saying in TS to my friends “Who’s that guy? Jump if that’s you! Juuuump!” is… well… not good.
What do you guys think?

The clothes variants have already been planned. I doubt we’ll be able to draw our own emblems but there should be enough clothing options to make a unique uniform for your team. The long range nickname would be too easy to abuse. Shoot anyone on sight that doesn’t have a name above their head. There needs to be a way to recognize teammates without being easy mode, which is why we should just wait for the clothing to get implemented properly before deciding on anything else.

Also, if you know the uniform of your enemy, you should be able to counterfeit that and infiltrate them (or at least approach them closely) if you are able to match their uniform. This is war, and these types of emergent strategies should be available to us.

I’m sure it will come in time.

wont ever happen

That’s what i meant, as they implemented signs and letters on them, they could put this kind of letters and numbers on clothes, at least, that’s the best idea i could think of. And i agree with Dionysus9, espionage! That would be great!