Friend System

Here’s my suggestion:

A Friend System.

With this system you will be able to friend request another player in game and if they accept it then they will show up on your map as either blue or green.

Also, this will allow multiple ownership on a house or building that multiple people choose to live in.

Let my know what you guys think.

This is a great idea because my friends keep killing me before I can get close enough for them to see my name.

It would also be easier to find them on a map rather than trying to explain where you are

for now you can just use jump signals

“Who’s that by the sulfur rock jump now”


Until he turns around and catches you off guard and shoots your face off.

That’s for release, its beta so far.

What map?

Yeah but everyone jumps.

Everybody in your teamspeak, skype, etc. You shouldn’t ever rely on game chat to communicate with your friends because you’ll die that way.