Friend with Mac has no tools

Hey… people, I’m pretty new here, so… yep.

A friend of mine that uses Mac can’t use tools in multiplayer. However, he CAN use them in single player. Please help me, he’s a good friend of mine but still a jackass cuz he doesn’t have anything good to do when I’m playing with him

If this helps, the last tool he uses in single player keeps on to multi player (Say, he uses balloons in single player, then he can use baloons in multiplayer, but no other tool cuz he only gets the “categories” but can’t open them to see the tools)

Please help :frowning:

Tell your friend to…

“Get. A. PC.”

I know, he’s an APPULH FANBAYH so everything he has is pretty much mac (He’s an idiot)

But still, pls help?

Tell him to delete his garrysmod folder in Steam\steamapps%accountname%
Try deleting addons first though.

Tell him that apple copies so much “innovative apps” that they have. They ban apps they like and make their own stupid version. But yeah, he needs to reinstall Garry’s Mod.

None Of this helps guys just tell Him

What are we not telling him?

I’m pretty sure deleting the Garry’s mod folder / addons folder is the best alternative, as it makes a new install of the game.