You should post your in game name if you are friendly and we should compile a list of known bandits (not hackers, we have a thread for that) and have a list of friendlies.

The KOS in this game is getting out of hand and it’s rare to find someone who won’t think twice about putting a hatchet through your skull. It’s time some communities started to form against hackers/bandits instead of KOSing everyone we see.

IGN: Ophidion

If I can ever get the game to work: Gaklord

friendly: krail9

phew, it’ll be much easier to KoS everyone now

Friendly: hunterglory

I’ve tried to form some teams already but to no avail. The main thing would be having a voice-server, which I tried, too, also with no one being interested in it.

I really hope people start to form friendly communities/civilizations. Would be nice to see one of them huge open fields covered in houses and a bunch of people working together, trading resources and protecting each other.

Friendly: Ethnod

(P.S: I did PK one guy for no reason {name beginning with T} which I regretted as soon as I did it but in fairness he came straight back and killed me :D)

I like this.

IGN: Jackerz101

Friendly: GraveMilk
If I can get Utility to stop crashing and if I can get my HUD

Knowing their name won’t be easier to KOS. KOS is a term for just killing when you see someone so name doesn’t really matter unless you’re going after someone specific.

Hey, I found my new targets to raid.

im friendly if you dont run at me with an axe.
in game name is Calluna

And why don’t you turn on your speedhack for more love?

Why don’t you provide some actual proof to back your statement up?

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Can’t, I was about to record the first time you were going really fast killing me and my friend with your spam hatchet.

Proof isn’t need if everyone sees and reports it.

Actually it does. Just because a bunch of people whining and bitch doesn’t mean it happen unless you can prove it with video or photos.

And again, where are the mods for this forum.

Oh they are here, right now they’ve only banned people that spammed or used image macros.

I don’t understand why you keep fighting back. If they have no proof then you have already won the argument.

Because I like reminding them. Also I find it funny how they even derail threads over trying to prove that I hack.