Friendly Approach to Rust

Not only is rust about killing things to survive, but to enjoy the nature of the environment. I think making instruments playable in a more unique way would add some nice beautiful user created art.
To go about this I was thinking that each instrument uses full control of the player (with a quick escape button!) and remain in the world once exited.

The next part is to incorporate a system to register keyboard strokes as different notes with maybe a modifier button for extra effects. This will make clans more exciting and the lone wolf a call for fellow musicians or his next meal >:p

Sorry if anyone has already mentioned this or anything like it, but let me know what you think and vote!

Also maybe some color screens for the newly released spot lights!

Colored lights would be great for the musical ambiance, and a fun change to base spotlights.

I was also thinking to make it easier to either hold the instrument or place it; have the instruments sit on a stand. Have a stand model with a slot for the instrument.
Once the instrument is in the slot, it would appear in game on the stand.

As useless as I feel instruments are in a game like this, if you want something descent look at what Lord of the Rings Online did… they had a place where you could import melodies for your instruments and have them play automatically.

You’d have people playing Mozart and the Imperial March on the mandolin, it was pretty nice :slight_smile:

Well that would be a good idea to implement a ‘song save’ or macro where the player can record on a certain instrument, then later play that same melody without the extra keystrokes.

Even if they incorperated a sheet music object where a person could compose songs that other players could pick up and play.