Friendly Bandits?

Hey Guys!

So lets be honest here… I would be willing to bet that at one point 80% of you have killed someone or held someone up for their stuff at one point, including me. If at all possible I hold people up (normally with 2 or more people with me) but a few times people have pulled out shotguns or something at tried to take us out…normally not the smartest of choices…which is sad because I don’t want nor do I need half the stuff they have, and had they just chilled out, they would have lived and still had some stuff.

I wish there was a way to stop someone temporarily from fighting back. E.I. Blow gun/tranquilizer dart or handcuffs or something. Maybe blow gun would be to O/P.

I’m curious, do you think the game would benefit from something like this?

If so what are your ideas?

Stopping someone from doing anything legitimate (like suddenly fighting back after claiming to be friendly) goes against the stated aims of Rust regarding player freedom.

It won’t stop people from just killing on sight, either. If you’re going to mug someone in Rust, both of you should be aware that the threat for not cooperating with the mugging is being killed and your body looted anyway.

You don’t need artificial systems for that kind of standoff.

Plenty of friendly bandits already, no need to disable someone and prevent control of their character. Sounds like some bullshit to be abused by trolls to me.

It all goes back to the problem that there is no way to tell what people are concealing. Maybe you just want their metal frags and ore but they only give you half of what they have… you have no way of knowing, might as well just kill them and leave the rest. Its up to them to get the rest of their stuff back at that point. I could see your idea helping with this a little(and might help with the frustration for noobies). If you could stun someone and check what they have, there might be no need to kill them. Clearly this would need to be hard to do and might even require something from the target, like they have to turn around and stop moving to be tazed/cuffed. I’m guessing if some people had the option to let the bandit take what they wanted in order to live, someone would do it.

I guess the reason why I would enjoy this is not for my benefit it would be to help out the guy we are taking stuff from… he will die in a 1 vs 3/4… i just feel no need to kill him

An incapacitating system wouldn’t solve anything really.

Look at day z; you can use handcuffs to restrain someone for a couple minutes, during which you can freely access their inventory, test/siphon their blood, etc.
90% of the time, people force feed bleach to a handcuffed player after taking items/blood from them.

Just being able to access a player’s inventory if you’re close enough and behind them would be enough.

If there were tranquilizer darts, they would need to be rare or hard to obtain, for the sake of realism and balance.

If you could make someone fall asleep in one shot, that’s essentially the same as killing them in one shot, because you could always walk up and beat on their sleeping body to kill them.

And since there’s really no point to letting someone live if you’re just gonna take everything on their body anyways, you might as well just kill them instead of going to all that effort.

In short, darts would be a bad addition.

I think handcuffs have some potential, but it would require the victim to concede to being handcuffed. Otherwise people would just run up and handcuff everyone in sight with no resistance.
But then the same question arises, “why not just kill them?

I don’t see the point in letting people live when there is no real consequence for killing them, either way you take their stuff and leave them naked in the middle of nowhere.
End result is the exact same, except letting them live makes you ‘feel good’ even though you did the exact same thing killing them would accomplish.

So surround him and tell him he can live if he drops his stuff on the ground. Failure to comply means he gets killed and looted. It’s his choice. And one the game doesn’t need to interfere with.

I would support being able to look into people’s inventory without killing them, but I disagree with stunning them and preventing them from performing any action. You should be able to hold someone up at gunpoint and go through their things though, that would add a pretty interesting element to interaction imo.

Temporarily ‘disabling’ a character and removing freedoms to do what a character wants to do are two entirely different things.

If you’re implying that a non-lethal weapon designed to disable and not kill would remove the right of player to choose what they want to do - then I’d also point out that being killed by a PKer does the exact same.

Personally, I’m neutral on this subject. While I think it would be kind of neat to have a non-lethal weapon system in game (so you could rob them, not kill them, and maybe let them keep what’s in their bag? Who knows - it’s a concept) - it won’t make or break the game for me - and I doubt it would for many others either.

Interesting idea of having some kind of sleeping dart system. Shoot dart -> look to inventory -> decide what to do. :smiley:

I would rather die than be locked out of my character for a period of time. Either way I’m naked and at least if I die I’ll spawn back at my base ready to retaliate.

Maybe you should still be given the option to suicide if you want?

or you could just fight back if u didnt want the bandits to take your stuff/wanted to just respawn and regroup

just kos. that is what i do now during the very few times i play the game.

I think something like zipties that if you agree to be tied up (you’ll probably have one guy aiming at you and one tying you up) will tie your hands behind your back and make you unable to equip anything until you break out of the ties after maybe 30 seconds or so of struggling (with a proper world animation of course). Players could then freely go through your inventory as long as you remain still.

So you could run off and break out of the ties like the Deer Hunter or what have you without too much limitation on interaction and player freedom. Maybe you could escape imprisonment and someone else could untie you and free you? I definitely would rather that than just getting wasted and someone going through all of my shit anyway.

So what your saying is because you have 3 guys with you, you should be able to say “hey naked guy or guy with some leather on, stop and give me what I want” and they have to do this without a fight or your going to kill them anyways and take what you want. You are such a nice caring bandit LOL.

Look man if you rolled up me like that you would be wiped from the server in a day or to. I would gather whoever I could and make it hell for you to play and you would leave trust me. Ive seen groups like that leave the instant they are killed a couple times in a night.

I personally would like some way to either restrain, knock them out from behind, or put the player to sleep for a certain amount of time so I don’t have to run the risk of getting shotgunned in the face especially if I can’t see the shotgun or weapons on their body. I sadly don’t have the reaction timing for that kind of thing.

I like the handcuff idea. if it was:

-Crafted but BP needed - made of low quality metal.
-Cannot be put on other players: I give you the hand cuffs, you put them on
-Wearing lasts 30 seconds
-Say a 1/15 chance they don’t work, and the player could still then equip a weapon

Something like that.