Friendly or Bandit?

I want to know something:
Are you Friendly or Bandit?

You want to know what I mean?
Thats pretty easy:
A bandit is someone who kills every single person (even a naked guy) to get something.
A friendly guy ia someone who just let everyone go and maybe even give some stuff to a naked guy or even gives him a comfortable home.

What are you? The good person? Or the Bad Boy?

Friendly until someone who is armed gets a little too close

And why are you a Friendly or a Bandit?

I fresh spawned and saw a guy running away from a wolf. Helped him kill the wolf even though one hit with my rock would of taken him out.

I’m a bandit because I enjoy killing people, taking their hard worked stuff and making them rage. It’s fun.

Quranta!! HEALVUR’s friend, right?! I haven’t played much on EU1 lately but I’ll have to hop back on there.

I definitely play as a Friendly. I’ll always make an attempt to communicate with someone and help them out. I’ve given many naked guys the clothes off my back. I’ll only shoot when I need to defend myself.

I don’t think I am listed here…

What category do I fall under if I make naked people or well people in general Dance and sing for their lives? With the exception of killing everyone who seems remotely related to any of the French clans?

Im glad to hear that your friendly :slight_smile:

Btw Im more playing on EU2 but Im on vacation atm. So Im not playing right now…

my hubby and i are good we leave extra stuff out side in boxes for people who need it

Thats great to hear!

Is moderately distrustful a choice? I usually live and let live, but if you come too close with a weapon out or fire on me your liable to catch a few rounds. I don’t kill on sight at the least.

Then your friendly

For me i pass by so called “friendlies” but then they kill me,this happened twice for me.

Watch people stuff the box with “friendly” votes to give the false impression that there is far, far less banditry than there is, leaving people easier to prey upon in-game.

KoS for life son…

See but I feel this is a bit black and white here, like earlier on before I had established myself I found a research kit and a shotgun in a rad zone but was about to die of starvation so I robbed someone at gunpoint for his rad suit and some food. Nowadays I’m sitting pretty, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I think this poll is a little too all or nothing. Survival is a pretty grey area in human nature, for most it breaks down to its either you or me might as well be you. But with a game the punishment of death sometimes isnt very severe, yes you start back with a rock, but with a camp spawn you can just rearm and refit and be on your merry way out to murdering more fresh spawns. And Bandit entails they want something from you. When I kill nowadays it’s to defend myself or to secure an area for a trade negotiation. Yet, prior to a stabilization I would have little qualms mauling someone who tries to encroach on my freshly killed animal. I believe this post is more directed at the highest and lowest tier players who either kill on sight to stay on top of the mountain or kill on sight to get ahead of the pack.

This is just an over simplification, to really look at the complex situations of a nearly 100% unregulated game.

tl;dr survival isn’t as simple as black/white.

The only thing what I menan is:
Do you kill people for the fun - Bandit
Only kill if your in life danger - Friendly

Definetly friendly to your average player, but I do take harsh action towards notorious griefers.

kill on sight. unless it’s just some random naked guy and don’t feel like wasting bullets. if i see you in gear though you’re dead

If they are holding a weapon at all, it’s kos.
This in itself becomes somewhat difficult at times considering the games render distance, and that rocks are held like handguns. Kind of hard to tell at times.

I will also say that it depends on who I am playing with. Some of my clan members are very kos, so i just go along with that mentality when I am with them. It is easier than negotiating guidelines.