Friendly PvP No Sleepers, No Airdrops, Events and PvP Arena

Come join us for a superb Rust gaming experience! Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere for you to have an exciting experience playing your favorite game - that is Rust! This server features a friendly, non-abusive admin. I believe in playing the game the same way all of you do, that is not spawning things for myself. I have experienced many servers like that and refuse to allow it in mine.

There will be many events, such as PvP Arena tournaments, clan battles, tower defense (a field with a tower on each end in a 5 vs 5 setup, first team to break into the other tower wins), and several other mini games. There will be prizes for these events, ranging from in-game items to real cash prizes.

Server Name: PvP No Sleeper No Airdrops
PvP: Yes
Sleepers: No
Airdrops: No
Slots: 100
Location: Dallas, Texas (United States)

We also have a teamspeak 3 server available for players to use by request and a private channel can also be provided for your crew.