Friendly Sign

If you are friendly, please crouch or jump when you see another person looking at you, this will make everything so much easier if everybody would follow it. I know Psi came up with this method but i just wanted to spread it around so people who doesn’t watch his videos will hopefully do this too…

Your thoughts suck. Everybody knows jumping up and down with a flare means friendly…

whatever… just felt like some people might not know…

LoL, me and my friend did that long before Psi came up with it, think many other do to
problem is if you wanan kill some one jump and they think your friendly and kill em anyway.

so still its all about trust.

Friendly dances are the most pointless delay of the inevitable ever invented. Sure, I’ll say I’m friendly by doing your little dance, then I’ll hatchet you to do death once you trust me. Pointless. In fact, it only invites bandits more.

Psi didn’t come up with it, it was done before he played it.

How about: To show that you are friendly, shoot at the others feet to show that you are not here to do lethal damage

okay, sorry but thats where i saw it first

Using a flare though… costs a flare. Crouching and jumping is totally free even when resources are low. I’ve stopped using flares and been using the crouch and jump myself, people seem to get the message when I do it.