Friendly Suggestion: Allow Adjustment of Vertical Axis for Foundation Placement.

As a “Bill” or a “Builder” i find its often difficult to find a decent flat land to build on where that you can place a large foundation, size 32x32 for example, the reason for this is that the foundation conforms to the ground, so thats all the control over it you have. I’d like to be able to control the Vertical Axis of the Foundation so that i can expand the overall area i lay my foundations on.

I’ve already posted it as a suggestion, just wondered what other Builders thought.

I would tend to agree with you… In fact, I’m finding the current foundation (carries over to walls) placement restrictions altogether too restrictive. I’d like to be able to adjust the height (as you suggest) and to be able to place the foundations in tighter spaces than is currently possible.

You’re a *little *bit wrong, though, to say that “the foundation conforms to the ground, so thats all the control over it you have”… You can actually elevate it somewhat if you place a foundation steps first, and then attach your foundation to that. See here:

I once tried to place foundation steps first and it never worked for me, might try again.

I do not mind the contraints place on tight spaces because you have to understand that if you can build something, so can someone else and making it where you can build anywhere will get you walled in, where as it’s now, you can plan and build around that aspect. More options (size/shapes) will nice though…

As long as the constraints are consistent, I don’t see how it would be any easier to wall someone in… I just want to be able to build a wall or doorway right up against a rock wall so i can make my base in hidden in the rocks. See this (from Legacy where placement was much less restrictive):

You can’t build anything like this in Rust atm. Not even close.


please read

I get the most fun out of building in rust, so I agree with everything here said, and upvoted linked stuff.