Friendly things now attacking me

Everything friendly other than the rebellion and citizens is now attacking me, like pets from Spacetech’s Pet Mod. I have no idea what messed this up, but it’s really getting irritating. Anyone know a fix for this?

Maybe it’s the pet mod?

Maybe you pissed them off?
Try taking them to diner, it might help!

I rated agreed xD

No, because they were friendly before. I downloaded the episode 2 antlion battle turrets and they started to shoot me when they usually didn’t.


Kinda hard to take a Hunter to dinner when it’s trying to vaporize you. D:

Hers what you do:
You go on a role-play map or any other map with a restaurant.You spawn the NPC of choice and order dinner.Its best to strip them of weapons or in case thats not possible wear protection.You need to have backup plans ready.

Pet hunters are.

Did you sit on the egg?

Do you have playerfactions installed?


Do you have the “Flip Off” swep!?


Then…why don’t you go with the Hulk aproach!Get your crazy military dad to capture him for you and then calm him!

Kill them, then they won’t attack you anymore.

Move all your addons outside garrysmod and try again

Maby your hunter is going through a tough time at school where the other hunters are picking on him, and he is getting bullied by an antlion guard.

Talk to him about it and you can get back on track!

Epic thread derailment for the win xD

Thank you for the serious answer. x_x;


Although I did like this one. xD

Wow, that’s weird. The cause was a TF2 Unlockable Weapon SWEP pack. How the hell?

Possessed games today…