Friendly Turret?

Hey guys. I was just doing up some stuff, and wanted to ask - can someone make an NPC that doesn’t kill me, rebels (humans), vortigaunts, but kills combines antlions zombies and etc?

First, Lua Requests, for future reference.

Second, I can solve it with an E2:

@name Friendly Turret!
@persist Turret

Turret = entity():isWeldedTo() # So I don't have to type THAT all the time
Turret:npcRelationship(owner(),"like",1) # Change owner() to "player" (with quotes) if you don't want it killing other players
Turret:npcRelationship("npc_citizen","like",1) # Takes care of Medics, Rebels, Citizens, etc.
Turret:npcRelationship("npc_combine_soldier","hate",1) # Takes care of combine

Just spawn a regular turret, paste that into the E2 editor, and put the E2 on the turret. VIOLA, it likes humans and hates combine!

I didn’t factor in the vorts, zombies, etc, because I couldn’t remember all the npc_ names

Sorry,but I don’t even know where the editor is… Can you create the file for me please? Or just give me some way to find that darn ep2 editor :smiley:

well the E2 tool is in the wire tab if thats what you mean you can open the editor from there

Get episode 2 and spawn the rebel turret :downs:

uh… There is no Rebel turret. I have EP2.
And by the way, a good solution, to buy a game for about 20$ (in my country that’s a lot of money, because crisis is around) just for a dog gone turret?

Download this and use the Resistance Turret:

Thanks ! Works like a charm !