Friend's B Day Present Help?

I want to get my friend Garry’s mod, and whatever else he needs such as CS:S, and TF2. Should I also buy HL2? Or does it already come with it (gmod)?
Also what would be the cheapest way to get him this, WITHOUT pirating or doing some illegal crap.
ALSOalso Is it good that I’m only giving him GMod, TF2, CS:S, and HL2, or more? (or even less)
Sorry if this is alittle much, but he birthday party already got canceled so I want to give him something.

Saying that it’s his Birthday, Buy him the Orange box. it’s cheaper than buying HL2, The episodes, and CS:S One by one.

I was really wondering If I should even buy him HL2, I mean doesn’t the HL2 stuff already come with GMod?

No, you need HL2 for GMod as Garry’s mod is a MOD. It is not standalone and it won’t work without them.

Don’t listen to that guy. All your friend needs to enjoy GMod is CSS and GMod.

Okay thanks, so I will send him Gmod + css combo later. Thanks again!

EP2 content is used a lot in gmod too, just sayin

Orange box would be good, but the CSS and GMOD combo works nicely in this situation, good luck and tell him i wish him a happy birthday! :slight_smile:

happy birthday to your friend. also I wish I had friends who gave me games on Steam for my birthdays.

… :smith:

You could always add him and befriend him?

I’d say get GMod, CS:S, and L4D2. They offer the best GMod props.

Not L4D2.

TF2 is free, but don’t forget to tell him to download it. Also there are plenty of mods that garrys mod support that doesn’t need hl2. Tell your friend to download these mods and mount: Dystopia, Zombie Panic Source, D.I.P.R.I.P, Age of chivalry, Pirates vikings and knights and thats about it. Also if you wan’t minor hl2 content I would also suggest HL2:DM, its only 5.00$.

I say buy him The Orange Box With CSS+Gmod, Or my favorite, CSS, Portal, And Gmod

I would give him a hug and stick a paper on his back saying “check steam for your present”, and when he asks you, where is my present, say, on your back! :smiley:

Then bake him a cookie with a smile!

If your friend really gets into it, tell him to buy the OB (if he has money). I think by the sounds of it he’ll be better with CSS + GMOD for now, 2 great games in one good bundle.

Happy Birthday to your friend by the way