Friends cannot join my private server

Alright, I’ll do my best to put as much detail as I can here, because this has been going on for quite some time and I fucking hate it <^>

Anyway, so at some point in time my stuff worked for Gmod and I could easily have friends connect to me with no issues. However as of late my friends could not connect to my Gmod server, but I could connect to theirs, which I find strange. The program I’m using currently to host the private server is Evolve, and I did test other games to see if it really was my firewall but all other games worked fine. I don’t believe it’s the hosting program or my firewall, and I don’t believe it’s my 300+ some addons either, because my friends also have mine as well to join me and I can connect to them quite easily. I’ve also attempted at re-downloading my addons and deleting some but even that is to no avail as well. I have not tried going full blank to see if that would work but as it stands I’m not ready to take that risk just yet.

Long story short, friends can’t connect to my private server, and I’ve tried any option I could do besides going blank. If anyone could suggest another option, any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance

  • Rinic the Fox

Evolve is :bullshit: just port forward. here is a simple youtube tutorial

Thats how i made my server :science101:

If your too lazy to port forward you can use utorrent to port forward, it is very easy.

I knew I’d get these types of answers… Guys as much as I’d love to I’m not honestly going to setup a legit server, I don’t have access to my own router and I honestly just want to do a simple few clicks from my in game local server and play on a virtual LAN.

So sadly I won’t be port forwarding anytime soon, and like I’ve said it worked before, but I dunno what happened with my Gmod. All of my friend’s Gmod do not block me out, but they cannot connect to me.

there are ways of doing it without port fowarding
hamachi is one
and evolve is one