Friends computer crashing and locking up

Ok, a friend of mine has had some problems with his computer and Gmod. It started with the classic “hl2.exe has stopped working.” Now it is to the point where it locks up his computer and he has to force a restart. We have searched everywhere for a remedy and have had no luck. His problems started out on XP with the complete lock up, then when he went to Vista it was the hl2.exe and then last night it went back to the lock up. If anyone has any suggestions let me know, I will post back here if we get it working. If you need any more information let me know.

Maybe his pc does not have all the minimum requirments, would help if you give us specs on his pc.

Well the weird thing is it used to play just fine, Then all of a sudden it just wouldn’t work.

As far as his specs I will have to wait till he logs on to skype.

I mean he can play the game but it crashes after about 5-10 minutes.

hmm, has re tried re-installing his hl2?

Yes he has even tried reinstalling steam all together.

Look, there are so many reasons why “hl2.exe has stopped working” or your computer freezes. I run gmod on a pretty stressed out system (a laptop of all things) and I get these all the time - I built too many models, too big an explosion for the system, the level has too many vertices etc etc etc.

Basically, when gmod crashes/freezes, its a symptom of an issue and not the problem itself.

So have you got any more information on the crashes, eg what causes them, when they happen, how easy it is to make them reoccur?

Maybe ,just maybe he needs to update his graphics drivers.

It have worked before, so, no.

They seem to happen around the same time, they don’t seem to happen randomly. So I don’t think it is a prop or tool.