Friends in Rust through the steam group

Friends in Rust through the steam group
**1-**Creating a Steam Group and invite your friends to the group
2- In the game choose a steam group (All your friends are in the group must select it in the game menu)

Functions: (Priority)
When many people are in a group, it makes teamwork much more efficient and streamlined.
Players que are apart of the same group can see other usernames from a farther distance and highlighted, and also see the nickname of the player for easier recognition.

Other functions (Not priority)
The group leader can assign different nicknames to people for quicker communication and for on-the-fly exchange during dangerous encounters.
It also prevents friendly fire among group members, however they can still be harmed from another group member through placeable traps or explosives.

My opinion:
This would greatly facilitate the cooperative play. I know several games that have this function and is very good.
This would not leave the rust of reality or real life.
Because in real life you would recognize his friend from afar.
Or is it like to communicate by radio or radar.

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This runs counter to the idea of Rust.

not to just throw “realism” in as a rationale against this, but it is so artificial i would hate to play it IN RUST. for another game i can see the benefits.