Friend's server is being DDoS'ed

Hey, my friend’s server is being DDoS’ed and i want to know how to stop it. (Garry’s mod server) Are there any scripts that can stop this? Help us please.

Shut the server down for a day or two, then reopen it.

I blame Cube. Also, if they’re also hitting your website or something, you can always redirect all those pings to or something so they get sued and uberfuxd for life.

Never works as they get so much traffic that unless you take it down or slow it badly then they are not even going to care

You could try this.

They’ll have automatic detection - IE they’ll easily be able to act on it even if they don’t care.

This works 50% of the time i would keep it down for 4 days or so and then redirect traffic to another site once you bring it up for a little

Don’t redirect traffic.

lawl, they wouldn’t be sued. The DDOS wouldn’t even effect or, they’re such huge sites with servers all over the world, you’d need a seriously large DDOS to even knock them down in one country or something.

Use the SourceOP tool.