Friendship - Demoman's And Soldier's trip to vegas.

I was inspired by that comic, so I made this:


Nice one, all it needs is for them to be in suits, and some hot girls. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finger posing sucks, looks like you pasted the same facial expression,

Smart with the rec cam though, it masks out the bad edges

Yeah, I really fucked up the finger posing on this one.
Thank god this map has fog, those buildings you see in the skybox are actually a bunch of boxes and a cow.
Oh, and a barrel.

They’re gonna get drunk and end up married.


[sp]Lol dont know why that crossed my mind.[/sp]

really bad clipping on their hands

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… :ninja:

What map is this?

PLR_Vegas_B1 (not sure about the B1, i just know its called PLR_Vegas, i don’t really remember)

Soldier’s expression in second shot is priceless.