Friendship is over. (Soldier & Demoman parting ways.)

Just had to make a pose about the current TF2 event.

there’s something unnatural about solly’s arms, but I can’t quite name it

The soldier looks fucking badass.
The atmosphere really makes you think that they are fighting or something.

I really like this one, nice work.

Intellectual Superiority.

Soldier looks badass. But his arms are slightly too raised, Demo-man is as smexeh as always.

Intellectual Superiority.

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that doesn’t fit at all.

You lose! GOOD DAY SIR!

I like the pose on the demo.

They look as though they’ve just had an argument as an old married couple

Wow, awesome posing.
Both look badass in their ways.


Two Problems:

The map, although nice, is a bit blocky and misaglined textures take away from the pose.

And, Something about the directions they face makes it seem slightly off. It would have been better had the soldier was looking the exact opposite direction of the demoman.

The hell you talking about, thats a valve map (well, not really, but a DAMN good community map)